ABA – Applied Behaviour Analysis

ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) has become a highly controversial topic. Many ASD people and also professionals consider it a form of cruelty and dehumanisation. Yet it is still widely practised with many reporting varying degrees of success. Usually, this therapy is for children on the spectrum and less frequently we hear of adults on the … Read moreABA – Applied Behaviour Analysis

Autism sensory products adults have rated as helpful from SensaCalm

Sensory overload is a cause of difficulties in many ASD people but not all. Some people on the spectrum, find that common ambient noises and tactile input can almost seem unbearable sometimes. It is a kind of hypersensitivity typical in many people on the spectrum, ASD adults and children alike. Yet, numerous ASD people find … Read moreAutism sensory products adults have rated as helpful from SensaCalm

Adult Autism Symptoms – 3 Key components

For whatever reason, whether you recently read an autism-related article that resonated with you in that certain traits sounded familiar or perhaps a friend or relative suggested that you may be exhibiting some adult autism symptoms, identifying autism symptoms in a previously undiagnosed adult is often fraught with difficulties in that many ASD adults develop … Read moreAdult Autism Symptoms – 3 Key components

About Me

My name is Mike. I am the father of Keith, a 36-year-old intelligent man, who was diagnosed at age 10, with Aspergers Syndrome and who lives with me. You will see some content here written by him. Today, people prefer to say that he is diagnosed as ASD,  Autism Spectrum Disorder, but I don’t won’t … Read moreAbout Me