Autism sensory products adults have rated as helpful from SensaCalm

Sensory overload is a cause of difficulties in many ASD people but not all. Some people on the spectrum, find that common ambient noises and tactile input can almost seem unbearable sometimes. It is a kind of hypersensitivity typical in many people on the spectrum, ASD adults and children alike. Yet, numerous ASD people find that they have a craving for certain or even many touches or sounds, as their brains tend to under-process stimuli. Professionals call this hyposensitivity. It is also closely related to the reason many adults and children with autism practice “stimming”.

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Difficulties in sensory processing have been likened to a kind of traffic jam — signals that make it into the brain, get caught up, jumbled and shuffled once there causing a kind of clogging.






Certain autism sensory products, depending on the individual, may be able to help ASD adults and determine the pace of the various stimuli and on their terms and intensity. Today we know that this can frequently help ease many symptoms and reduce meltdowns. Using autism sensory products that suit the individual’s needs, gives them the input they need without feeling overwhelmed by sight, sound and touch.

SensaCalm (click here) are one of the companies marketing high-quality sensory products.

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