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My name is Mike. I am the father of Keith, a 36-year-old intelligent man, who was diagnosed at age 10, with Aspergers Syndrome and who lives with me. You will see some content here written by him.

Today, people prefer to say that he is diagnosed as ASD,  Autism Spectrum Disorder, but I don’t won’t get hung up on semantics and the emotional issues around labels in the autism world. It’s been a long and challenging road, getting him through school, helping him resolve personal relationship issues, attempting to make him employable and teaching him to try and control his anger so as not to have a melt-down, which is one of the typical episodes present in ASD adults and of course children.


Most autism websites relate to children on the spectrum and are often about what government and bureaucratic procedures one must follow in order to get grants, schooling, assistance very specifically in some of the larger Western world countries. Such as the USA, UK and Australia.

Not many recognise the lack of awareness of adult autism and furthermore, many adults are not even aware that they may be on the spectrum. There are estimated to be thousands of ASD adults or HFA adults who are not diagnosed or not aware of why they struggle with certain things.

My son and I are living in a  developing country where very little even primitive state or private resources exist. I am sure there are many others, like him, in a similar situation.  Those of us in the developing world often struggle to get basic support. Awareness in our kind of world is nothing like in those countries and I hope this site will help change that.


The purpose of this site is to help adults with autism, to increase awareness, especially in those developing countries where this is lacking and to offer hope to those struggling. There really is a light at the end of the tunnel. This site is dedicated to helping AS adults (adults with autism or on the Autism Spectrum, to be more correct), cope with a world that is generally not very Autism-friendly.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Anybody wishing to contribute and relevant articles here, are welcome. Drop me a note in the comments section.

All the best,


6 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Mike,
    This is a very informative site, that can help others in the same situation. Being in Healthcare I can feel your pain and feel so helpless not to be able to change things.
    I admire you making this site and writing about your experience. There are still research going-on regarding Aspergers Syndrome, by making this site I assume you will be helping others with Aspergers Syndrome.

    Great site – I thank you for doing this and sharing with us.

    Dr. Loendi

  2. Hello Mike! and thank you for this site! i just wonder how someone get to know that they are autistic(I mean as an adult) without having to go through ‘medical assessment’. It is not the first time I hear that thousands of undiagnosed autistic people are suffering out there unknowingly that they are autistic… how do we detect that so that to be of help? that might be or a friend or a family member…so i think it is important to know how to detect autism even when one is not a qualified ‘clinician if you allow me the term.

  3. Hi Mike,
    The site and its content is made in a way that it touch more closely about the group that lives with us and who are diagnosed with Autism/Arsperger and that they are an integral part of our community and how they can be normally integrated into daily life .. Nice work and hope you add more and enlightening content on this..

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