Glossary and Acronyms

We have provided here a few of the more commonly used acronyms and terminology you may come across while reading up on Adult Autism AS: Autism spectrum. ASD: Autism spectrum disorder. Asperger’s disorder/syndrome: A form of ASD, characterized by normal IQ but impairments in social interaction and communication. ADD/ Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: Disorder in children associated with … Read moreGlossary and Acronyms

About Me

My name is Mike. I am the father of Keith, a 36-year-old intelligent man, who was diagnosed at age 10, with Aspergers Syndrome and who lives with me. You will see some content here written by him. Today, people prefer to say that he is diagnosed as ASD,  Autism Spectrum Disorder, but I don’t won’t … Read moreAbout Me